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Amateur Athletic Associations

Code: TN-0500.0500

Organizations that regulate, coordinate and promote amateur athletic programs for children, youth and adults at local, regional, state, national and international levels. Amateur athletic associations develop interest and participation in a particular sport or a range of sports; conduct or sanction state, regional and national championships and other competitions; conduct clinics and training camps; foster development of amateur athletic facilities; provide support for the development of local sports clubs, leagues and unions; certify officials; and assure the ability of all individuals to participate in sports, regardless of gender, race, age, geography or physical ability. Included are the national governing bodies (NGBs) for sports that are part of the Olympic and Pan-American Games whose charge is to select, train and manage athletes who represent the U.S. internationally; other amateur sports organizations devoted to a particular sport, and associations like the Amateur Athletic Union that cover multiple sports.

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