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6 subcategories for "Community Action/Social Advocacy Groups"

Cultural Heritage Groups

Organizations that work for the preservation and promotion of the traditions, values and lifestyles of different cultural groups; organize activities and events which promote... (more)

TD-1600.1550 - View 3 resources »

Education Advocacy Groups

Organizations that promote a particular practice like bilingual education, support the passage and enforcement of laws and other social measures that will result in specific... (more)

TD-1600.1770 - View 2 resources »

Environmental Improvement Groups

Organizations that work for the introduction of new legislation or changes in current laws or practices that will more effectively protect the physical environment from... (more)

TD-1600.1800 - View 2 resources »

Human Rights Groups

Organizations that work for legislation and other social measures that will more effectively protect the rights of the community as a whole or those of specific groups within... (more)

TD-1600.3100 - View 15 resources »

Hunger/Poverty Action Groups

Organizations that work to develop and implement solutions to the problem of poverty at local, state or national levels, and the consequent difficulty that low-income... (more)

TD-1600.3200 - View 1 resources »

Neighborhood Improvement Groups

Organizations whose members are usually residents of a particular community or neighborhood who work together to remedy deficiencies in existing neighborhood conditions or to... (more)

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