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9 subcategories for "Parks/Recreation Areas"

Amusement Parks

Theme parks and other family attractions that feature rides, shows, exhibits or other types of entertainment for people of all ages. Also included are water parks, water... (more)

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Programs that acquire, develop and maintain beach property for use by the public and provide recreational, parking and sanitary facilities including volleyball courts,... (more)

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Botanical Gardens/Arboreta

Programs that plant, maintain and display for public study and enjoyment collections of flowers, trees, shrubs and ground cover, some of which are rare and exotic. (more)

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Programs that develop, maintain and make available to the public facilities for cooperative group living experiences in the out-of-doors; and which offer a wide range of... (more)

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National Monuments

An eclectic group of places, landmarks, structures and other objects of historic, scenic or scientific interest situated on lands owned or controlled by the federal government... (more)

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Nature Centers/Walks

Programs that offer guided or self-guided walks or drives through parks, beach areas, wildlife preserves and other natural settings to acquaint participants with particular... (more)

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Public Parks

Tracts of land that are acquired and maintained by governmental entities and made available to the public as places of beauty or for recreation. (more)

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Recreational Facilities

Programs that develop, maintain and make available to the public, acreage and facilities for a broad range of recreational activities, sports and games; and/or urban open... (more)

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Wildlife Exhibitions

Programs that house a collection of living creatures for the purposes of conservation, research, education and public viewing. (more)

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