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6 subcategories for "Prescription Medication Services"

Drug Repository Prescription Assistance Programs

Programs authorized by state legislation that accept unused or discontinued prescription drugs and redistribute the medication to individuals who meet eligibility criteria.... (more)

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Prescription Drug Discount Cards

Private organizations that issue cards that offer discounts on prescriptions at participating network pharmacies including chain and independent retail outlets, generally for... (more)

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Prescription Drug Information Clearinghouses

Programs that maintain comprehensive information about prescription drug discount options and link people in need of prescription medication with the discount programs for... (more)

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Prescription Drug Patient Assistance Programs

Pharmaceutical companies or pharmacies that make brand name or generic prescription drugs available to patients who are uninsured or underinsured or, for other reasons, cannot... (more)

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Prescription Drugs for Specific Health Conditions

Programs that supply medication that has been prescribed as part of an individual's treatment for an illness or injury or to prevent people at risk for getting an illness from... (more)

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Prescription Medication Monitoring Systems

Programs that provide any of a wide variety of equipment and services that help patients with cognitive impairments or other problems remember to take their prescription... (more)

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