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8 subcategories for "Law Enforcement Agencies"

Border Patrol/Inspections

The federal agency that is responsible for enforcing and administering immigration and nationality laws by inspecting all persons seeking admission to or transiting through... (more)

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Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms

The federal agency that administers and enforces firearms and explosives laws as well as those covering the production, use and distribution of alcohol and tobacco products.... (more)

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Federal Bureau of Investigation

The law enforcement arm of the U.S. government that has responsibility for investigating violations of federal laws with the exception of those assigned to another federal... (more)

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Highway Patrol

The state law enforcement agency that maintains exclusive jurisdiction over the freeways and limited jurisdiction over county roads and streets in unincorporated areas.... (more)

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Municipal Police

The local agency that is responsible for enforcing all laws and ordinances; preventing crime; investigating criminal activity; apprehending, arresting and detaining suspects;... (more)

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School District Police

Law enforcement personnel who are responsible for the protection of students and staff while they are accessing educational programs or delivering educational services at... (more)

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Secret Service

The federal law enforcement agency that is responsible for detecting and arresting people who have committed offenses against the United States relating to coins, currency and... (more)

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The county agency that is responsible for enforcing all laws and regulations, preventing crime, investigating criminal activity, apprehending, arresting and detaining suspects... (more)

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