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4 subcategories for "Tax Organizations and Services"

Tax Appeals/Audit Assistance

Programs that provide services which enable people to respond to a tax audit, file an appeal with the appropriate tax authorities in situations where they disagree with a tax... (more)

DT-8400 - View 7 resources »

Tax Collection Agencies

Programs that are responsible for the determination, assessment and collection of taxes, special assessments and other monies that are owed to local, state and federal... (more)

DT-8500 - View 6 resources »

Tax Information

Programs that provide general information about the tax obligations of individuals, businesses, corporations and other entities, or details regarding specific tax credit,... (more)

DT-8700 - View 14 resources »

Tax Preparation Assistance

Programs that help eligible individuals (including older adults, people with disabilities and people with low incomes) prepare their tax returns or complete paperwork to apply... (more)

DT-8800 - View 9 resources »