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7 subcategories for "Material Goods"


Programs that pay for or provide new and/or second hand automobiles for individuals who qualify on the basis of income, age or disability. Also included are organizations... (more)

BM-0500 - View 1 resources »

Household Goods

Programs that pay for or provide new, reconditioned or secondhand furnishings for homes or apartments. (more)

BM-3000 - View 13 resources »

Mobile Devices

Programs that pay for or provide portable computing, communications or entertainment devices for use in a variety of environments. The devices typically have a display screen... (more)

BM-5050 - View 4 resources »

Personal Goods/Services

Programs that pay for or provide new or secondhand personal necessities. (more)

BM-6500 - View 45 resources »

Repair Services

Programs that pay for or provide maintenance and repair services that enable people to fix essential household appliances or other essential possessions that are broken or... (more)

BM-7000 - View 1 resources »

Thrift Shops

Organizations that offer new or secondhand furniture, appliances, clothing, toys and other material goods at lower than retail prices, and which often use the proceeds from... (more)

BM-8500 - View 31 resources »


Programs that pay for or supply tools and equipment that are necessary for gardening, home maintenance, employment or other purposes. (more)

BM-9500 - View 1 resources »