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5 subcategories for "Emergency Food"

Brown Bag Food Programs

Programs offered by senior centers or other community organizations, generally outside the food pantry network, that pack shopping bags (or other containers) with a supply of... (more)

BD-1800.1000 - View 1 resources »

Food Pantries

Programs that acquire food products through donations, canned food drives, food bank programs or direct purchase and distribute the food to people who are in emergency... (more)

BD-1800.2000 - View 148 resources »

Food Vouchers

Programs that supply food coupons which can be exchanged in designated grocery stores, supermarkets and/or farmers markets for food products. The vouchers are generally... (more)

BD-1800.2250 - View 2 resources »

Packed Lunches/Dinners

Programs that provide fresh or frozen lunches or dinners which are packed in portable containers and typically picked up and eaten elsewhere. Clients may include people who... (more)

BD-1800.6400 - View 1 resources »

Specialty Food Providers

Programs that provide necessary food items that are not regularly or even typically available through most food pantries for people who are in emergency situations and unable... (more)

BD-1800.8200 - View 2 resources »