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Sports Memorabilia Collector Clubs

Code: PS-8200.1400-770

Programs that provide organized opportunities for individuals to pursue their interest in collecting sports memorabilia, often through the medium of a club or society which is under the leadership of people who are knowledgeable in the subject. Collectibles may include signed photographs of athletes, unused game tickets, programs from particular games, worn football or hockey jerseys, autographed sports equipment, pennants, promotional materials, trophies or other awards and other memorabilia that relate to a particular sport, individual athlete or team, well-known sports journalist or sports venue. Activities may include sharing information about available memorabilia, criteria for value and current prices, and opportunities for members to trade memorabilia or otherwise make further acquisitions for their collections. Included are Internet-based virtual clubs, WebRings devoted to the subject and clubs where members meet face-to-face.

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