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Farmland Preservation

Code: JD-1500.4500-180

Programs that seek to prevent the conversion of productive agricultural land to non-agricultural purposes and defend it from alternative development, primarily through the designation of agricultural land within regional comprehensive land use plans and local zoning stipulations. Also included are programs that purchase of development rights to privately owned farmland as a means of protecting existing properties in sufficient quantities to assure long-term agricultural viability. Permanent covenants and restrictions prevent development or other non-agricultural uses of the property and farm owners, who generally participate on a voluntary basis, retain title to their land. Agricultural land is land used primarily for the production of plant or animal crops, including arable agriculture, dairying, pasturage, apiaries, horticulture, floriculture, viticulture, animal husbandry and the necessary lands and structures needed for packing, processing, treating, or storing the produce.

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