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Temporary Restraining Orders

Code: FT-6940.1900-850

Programs that help victims of domestic abuse obtain a temporary restraining order (TRO) to prevent harassment, stalking or violence on the part of the abusive individual until the court can set a "show cause" hearing to review the evidence and determine what permanent relief is appropriate. Variously known as protective orders or personal protection orders, temporary restraining orders are injunctions issued by the civil court (in most places the family court) that restrain the conduct of the abuser and may identify places such as the abused person's residence or workplace that the individual is prohibited from entering. Although eligibility may vary, restraining orders are generally available to people who have been physically, emotionally or sexually abused or threatened by a current or former spouse, family member (e.g., parents, brothers, sisters, grandparents), partner, other parent of a child, current or former roommate, or current or former dating partner. Temporary restraining orders are usually issued after an "ex parte appearance" (an appearance in court by one party without the other being present), become effective when served on the restrained person and remain in effect until the "show cause" hearing.

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