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Workers Compensation Fraud Reporting

Code: FN-1700.3350-950

Programs that provide a hotline or other mechanisms that the public can use to report to cases of suspected fraud involving claimants, employers, insurance company officials, officials of third-party administrators, insurance agents, lawyers, health care providers, and vocational rehabilitation providers who have lied to obtain a benefit through the Workers Compensation program or to prevent a benefit from being awarded. Examples of this type of fraud include employers who have lied about the nature of the work involved, the number of employees or their salaries in order to receive lower Workers Compensation insurance rates; employers who have not obtained Workers Compensation when required to do so; employees who file Workers Compensation claims for injuries that did not occur; employees who obtain benefits as a result of lying about their ability to work or income from other sources; and health care providers or lawyers who inflate their bills or bill for treatment of or services related to nonwork-connected injuries.

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