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DCF Access Florida Online/Community Partners

Tallahassee, FL 32399

(850) 300-4323


DCF statewide web-based online application system that individuals to apply for public assistance, eligibility determination and ongoing case management regarding check their application status: food stamps known as Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP); Temporary Cash Assistance and Medicaid. SNAP benefits are accessed through a plastic debit card similar to a credit card. When a client purchases food, the card is swiped through a machine. If there are any questions about the debit card, call the JP Morgan Helpline.

Applying for these services can only be made through the internet. Access Community Partners are also available for individuals that don't have access to the internet. These Access Community Partners are generally non-profit and other governmental organizations within an applicant's community that either have kiosks, computers or staff available to help complete these application online at the organization's site. A listing of these Community Partners is available through a searchable database maintained by DCF at the Access Florida website.

Primary Services:

  • Disaster Food Stamps  [Show Definition Details]

  • Food Stamps/SNAP Applications  [Show Definition Details]

  • Food Stamps/SNAP Fraud Reporting  [Show Definition Details]

  • Medicaid Applications  [Show Definition Details]

  • TANF Applications  [Show Definition Details]

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